Our Story


A former fashion designer in New York, Lindsey moved to Iowa in 2012. After spending a few years as a stay at home parent, Lindsey missed having a career outside of caring for her kids. She was also craving a creative design outlet. She’d been a nail polish lover for many years and started tinkering with polish creation for fun. Lindsey became serious about polish making in 2015 and launched Tonic Polish in May of the following year.

Lindsey loves to create colors with dimension, inner glow, and unexpected surprises like shifts and shimmers that come to life on your nails.

Tonic is a 5-Free, cruelty free nail polish brand. Each color is created by Lindsey and hand made in Iowa by a small team of nail polish devotees. Tonic polishes are made with the goal of creating something truly unexpected— each is exciting, and surprisingly distracting - the kind of polish that will keep you gazing at your nails all day.

Tonic has won numerous awards, including “Brand of the Year” in the Indieswatch yearly “Bests” poll three years in a row and is now sold in 50+ countries around the world.