Ring Magnet: Arc Effect

Ring Magnet: Arc Effect

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A ring shaped magnet that can be used to creat lots of different effects when used with our magnetic polishes!

Use the narrow edge of the ring to repel magnetic particles and creat the “arc” design effect. Hold the magnet as close to the nail as possible for this effect as the strength of the magnet will repel the magnetic particles further apart when the magnet is held further away.

Hold your nail inside the ring very close to the face of the magnet for a cat eye stripe effect. Works great for those with very curved nail shape who find it difficult to get a line across the whole nail when useing a bar magnet!

Hold your nail inside the ring further away from the face of the ring for a “flash” effect.

And more! Experiment with how you position the ring for different effects!

Intended for use with our magnetic polishes.

Tips for use:

  • Apply first coat of polish as you normally would and allow to dry
  • Apply second coat a little more thickly than usual and position magnet over very wet polish as quickly as possible
  • Try to hold magnet just a few millimeters above wet polish for at least 10-15 seconds, allowing polish a little time to set. The longer you hold the magnet, the more pronounced your design will be. 
  • Do this process to each nail individually rather than trying to paint multiple nails and then going back to use the magnet: this would allow the polish too much time to dry locking the magnetic particles in place. The particles need very wet polish to move around in.
  • Finish off with Tonic Topper or your favorite top coat!